Free Elementary Art Curriculum

Thirteen Free Elementary Art Lessons

Download Free Elementary Art Curriculum

Redemptive Artistry is excited to bring you thirteen completely free lessons for your next art class!

Here are some great features of the curriculum:

  • Simple step-by-step art lessons
  • Progresses from basic techniques to art projects inspired by famous artists
  • Child-friendly biographies on artists with pictures of their most famous works
  • Tried-and-true lessons with student-produced examples
  • Varied techniques and mediums to allow students to explore new art forms
  • Clear supply lists provided for each lesson
  • Ideas for preschool students provided for each lesson

Inspiring kids to love art and appreciate the great artists of the past has never been easier! Every lesson provided is one that I have taught in my classes to a group of elementary. The pictures provided in each lesson are from a child to give you a real idea of what to expect from your own kiddos!

Also, check out our downloadable art curriculum that offers your student art projects designed for each season of the year.

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