COVID-19 & Art Classes

New Classroom Policies Regarding Covid-19

  • Students will be required to wear masks as long as our county is requiring masks. I will wear a mask as well.
  • It is not possible to “distance” in the classroom, so we will always have the garage open to allow for more fresh air circulation.
  • Class will be reduced in size from 18 students to 15 student (one less student per desk to allow more space between children).
  • Tables will be wiped down between classes.
  • Class will meet in person when allowed to do so. In the event of schools closing or restrictions not letting us meet, we will switch to zoom classes.
  • Please don’t send your student to class if anyone in your family has Covid or you have been directly in contact with someone with Covid, even if your student is testing negative. Please wait 2 weeks of isolations to make sure you aren’t contagious. I’m sorry but I cannot reimburse you for these classes missed.
  • We will no longer give candy at the end of class to minimize chance of germs and food.
  • Understand that you are taking a risk sending your student to classes, but I will do everything I can to minimize these risks.