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Exodus 16: Manna

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Jesus is enough for me. Nothing else will satisfy; even manna falling from heaven.

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The story of Exodus 16 follows the parting of the Red Sea. The Israelites are grumbling against God again as they wander hungrily through the desert, longing for the bounty of Egypt that their exaggerating memories forgot was tainted with ruthless slavery. They have seen God perform dozens of miracles, yet they still complain and doubt God’s goodness.

This is me. I can be so near sighted: I ask God to “give me ____”, and if I can’t have it, I act just like the Israelites, as I quickly forget all the things He has done for me and default to grumbling and questioning.

There was a time in the beginning of my marriage that my husband and I were struggling severely to love each other and to love God, and it was terrible. I was making my husband an idol, my happiness an idol – pretty much trying to find my happiness in everything but God. Then God in His mercy put a couple in our lives to counsel us, rebuke us, and love us. One of the most amazing things that I was taught in that time of my life and that will forever stay with me was this one statement: If Jesus is not enough for you, no one and nothing else will be.

I know that is a simple statement, but it was a light bulb moment for me. It means so much. If Jesus is not enough for my salvation, none of my works will be. If Jesus is not enough for my happiness, nothing else will be. If Jesus is not enough – if I always want more – then I will always be chasing the wind, never satisfied.
He is enough. This painting will remind you that He is more than enough every day.

This is painted on a 24” x 48” x ¾” piece of wood. Large drops of texture fall from the sky to represent manna, which means, “What is it?”, and pile at the bottom to show how bountifully God provided. The wood is painted with acrylics in a watered-down and shaded manner in order to allow the natural grains of the wood to show through the paint. Each piece of manna features little glints of iridescent pearl paint.

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Dimensions 48 × 24 × 1 in