STEAM Gainesville Course

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

Mission – To teach STEAM in a creative space and foster confidence while collaborating with peers.

Science – Explore a variety of life, earth and physical science concepts through FUN experiments while collaborating with peers and presenting their results of creations to the class. 

Technology –  Students will be introduced to block based coding, circuits, and inventing with Scratch, Ozobots and Makey Makey. Each student will have their own computer to work on.

Engineering – Engage in engineering experiences while inventing and problem solving real life problems in a fun and exciting way. Students will discover conductivity and build with legos, kinex, play do and food!

Art – Empowering students to exercise their imagination and to create visually pleasing experiences in technology and with colors, spacing, and design.

Mathematics – Encouraging students to ask questions and learn through hands on thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving. Students will seek out productive dialogue with peers to discover and learn to fix problems and seek new solutions.

Thursdays 1:45 – 2:45

3rd – 6th grade


Class runs from Sept – April

Payment Plan options:

$110 for 8 months

$440 in Sept. and Jan.


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