Art Classes in Gainesville, Florida

Redemptive Training

Summer Art Camp

June 24-28

Summer Camp Price

$130 includes all supplies and snack

Summer Camp Schedule

Morning Session – Entering 1st thru 5th grade

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Afternoon Session – Entering 6th thru 12th grade

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Day 1 Food Inspiration (Wayne Thiebaud)- Sculpting clay donuts and drawing pies (colored pencils). Snack of the day Donuts!

Day 2 Nature inspiration (Bob Ross)- Acrylic landscape painting on canvas. Snack of the day animal crackers.

Day 3 Cartoon Inspiration (Anime/ Pokémon / Dr. Seuss, Disney)- Drawing famous cartoon characters!  Snack of the day fruit snacks.

Day 4 Ocean Inspiration – Watercolor paintings of ocean animals. Snack of the day gold fish.

Day 5 POOL Party Paint and decorate donut sculptures. Parents welcome for pool party (sorry siblings cannot join). Swimming will be from 10:30-12 and 3:00-4:00. Snack of the day watermelon.

*Please send students with a life jacket if they are not very confident swimmers. No jumping will be allowed in pool. Designated pool games will be played. Each student will have to do a swim test before allowed in pool- swim from shallow end to deep end and back without resting. If they cannot complete the test they MUST have a provided life jacket to participate in the last day pool party.

Weekly Art Classes

Classically inspired art classes center around art history, movements, and specific artist. Students have fun while learning a variety of mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, oil and chalk pastels, charcoals and many others while highlighting famous artist throughout the year, and complete works inspired by them. After the completion of every project students can answer questions about all they learned and earn special treats.

Class is structured with a small intro video about the artist we will be studying followed by live projection camera to TV showing students live step by step what I am doing on the screen. This allows them to learn and watch exactly how to blend, paint, or mix by watching me demonstrate each step first then I walk around and help them accomplish the steps on their own.

* Limited Availability


  • Monthly – $50
  • Semester (Payment due Sept. and Jan.) – $200
  • Yearly (8 months, Sept – April ) – $400

2019 classes will resume in Sept and go through April.

Registration will open in June.

It is so fun to create amazing art projects each week together for a full school year. Students make huge leaps of growth over the year! Weekly art classes build upon each other in skill and technique, so you are committing to attend for the full class year. Monthly payment is available to break up payments, not to attend for only one month.

Camp Location


“Ms. Shelley is wonderful with her students and an excellent teacher. The students not only stay busy creating many pieces of art, they learn about different artists and mediums. I highly recommend Ms. Shelley’s class and summer camp!” – Ilana Black

“Amazing art class! My kids have taken lessons from Shelley for 2 years, and my kids love her. Shelly is a teacher who shares her creativity and enthusiasm for art with all of her students. Highly recommended.” Marissa Overson

“Shelley has been an amazing teacher and my son has not only had fun but learned so much both in technique and knowledge of materials and famous artists and art movements throughout history!” – Leslie Steel

2018/2019 Schedule

Thursday @ Home Studio

  • Elementary 3:00 – 3:45  
  • 6th to 12th grade 4:00 – 5:00 


Art Club @ The Rock School

  • Monday – 1st to 5th grade 3:15 – 4:00 
  • Tuesday – 6th to 12th grade 3:15 – 4:15